A 6-week transition to a better you.
It takes courage to take a look - a long, hard, look - at yourself. It takes courage to formulate and voice a goal. It takes courage to commit to a course of action that will fundamentally change you. but without commitment, goals remain wishes. What's your goal? Lose weight? Get stronger? Get leaner? Run that 5k with your kids? Look better naked? You can do ALL of these things. All it takes to start is a little courage. 
COURAGE is a six-week preparatory program by Catahoula CrossFit for people who want to be fitter, stronger, leander, and healthier. Classes meet three times per week in small focused groups. You will learn how to move better and eat better. You will work hard. You will be held accountable. Most importantly, you'll have FUN. At the end of the program you will be primed to be an athlete in any functional fitness program. Your foundation will be in place. What you build upon it is up to you. 
Space is limited (on purpose). 
January 6th - February 15, 2020.
Classes are MWF either 5 a.m. or 5:30 p.m. You stay with your morning/afternoon cadre throughout (no coming sometimes in the a.m. and sometimes in the p.m.).
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